Wingra Stone Company provides construction aggregates to construction sites throughout Dane County. In addition to providing construction aggregates, we build parking lots, streets and highways, and perform custom rock crushing services.

About Aggregates

aggregateAggregates, more commonly known as sand, sand & gravel and crushed stone, are produced from company-owned or operated sites throughout Dane County. These sites are either limestone quarries or sand & gravel pits. Limestone is quarried from sedimentary rock deposits that have hardened over thousands of years into solid rock formations. This rock must be broken free by drilling and shooting prior to being excavated. The rock is then crushed to size with conventional rock crushing equipment. The limestone rock, commonly called crushed stone, is most often used for base course material on parking lots, streets, and highway construction projects. Sand & gravel is mined from glacial deposits of sand and stone of all sizes. This sand and stone was deposited by glacial movements and melting thousands of years ago.big yellow truck This material is easily excavated with loaders when above the water table. If below the water table, sand & gravel can be removed with drag lines. The primary use of glacial sand and gravel is to produce concrete and asphalt quality aggregates. Another sand product used for filling and leveling is called fill sand. These sand products are lower quality and are used in great quantity on construction sites.

Parking Lots, Streets, and Highways

Hwy12A1Wingra Stone Company actively participates in parking lot, street, and highway construction. We provide a range of services, including grading, supply and/or installation of construction aggregates, curb and gutter, and asphalt paving. We can administer the general contract, or simply provide construction materials and services. All highway, road and parking lot construction aggregates are supplied from our local quarries and pits, commonly referred to as mineral extraction sites.

Rock Crushing and Recycling

Wingra Stone also provides custom rock crushing and recycle-crushing services. This includes the complete process of extraction, crushing, sizing and stockpiling of finished stone products. The recycle-crushing of rubble concrete and asphalt continues to be an increasing percentage of our total crushing activities. Recycled aggregates conserve the need for virgin raw materials. This will delay the need to expand and locate new sites to meet the future demand for aggregates.

Portable Crushing Plants

Best crush kampWingra Stone Company operates five portable crushing and screening plants, which move between extraction sites, giving us the ability to efficiently meet local demand for materials at any given time. Washing of construction aggregates is accomplished with two portable and two permanent washing plants. We also offer custom crushing and washing services for contractors and mineral extraction site operators.

Whether the job is large or small, Wingra Stone Company can supply and deliver the construction aggregates. Please contact us today for answers to your questions or call for a quote for materials delivered to your jobsite.